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Egret closeup
Hatchling High Five
A loggerhead hatchling vigorously makes its' way to the sea.
Got Bread?
These gulls wanted my sandwich!
Takeout Lunch
An Osprey with lunch
Perfect profile
A Harris Hawk showing his "good side".
Fuzzy Face
A 10-day-old Eurasian Eagle Owlet
You don't say
A juvenile Wood stork looking down from his nest
You looking' at me?
A juvenile Osprey peeks out of the nest
A Roseate Spoonbill adjusting his tail plumage
Emerging Gator
A baby gator surprised me by coming out of a lagoon only steps from where I was standing
Big Step
A juvenile Cattle Egret taking the next step
Toothy Grin
A gator showing off his pearly whites
Badmitton Birdie
A Juvenile Snowy Egret checking out my lens
Watch Me Turtle
A turtle having some fun in the sun
Perfect perch
A Heron has a great vantage point on a piece of driftwood
Spoonie & Heron
A Roseate Spoonbill and Heron sharing a fishing spot
Coming in for a landing
A Barred Owl softly landing on a stump
Just a baby
A baby gator hanging out in the duckweed
Barn Owl
A sleepy Barn Owl in beautiful light
A female Anhinga staring into the distance
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