About Me



I've been taking photos all my life starting in childhood with my dad's 1960's Nikon Nikkormat SLR.  I was intrigued by shutter speed, aperture, depth of field and what makes a great image.


I recently rediscovered my passion for photography and embraced the digital age.  I am completely self-taught and have devoted a lot of time learning to create the quality images you see here.


I am from the coastal area of South Carolina and enjoy shooting every day objects here in the Lowcountry and beyond. I find beauty and tranquility in the many historic areas including cemeteries and ruins as well as majestic sunrises and the mysterious night sky.


 I now proudly shoot almost exclusively with Canon bodies and lenses (Sorry Dad).


Thank you for taking the time to view my images

- Melissa A. Lewis (Owner - Bella Soul Photography)

My daughter following in my footsteps...